Bridal Sarees: Designer Bridal Saree Collection 2018

Bridal Sarees

Bridal Sarees: For centuries, women have always been fascinated by the concept of beauty. Although there are many decorations to enhance the beauty of women, nothing compares to the traditional Indian wear, which is known as a sari. Saris adorned many beautiful women and so popular that even the well-known […]

Islamic Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Islamic Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns: Shalwar qameez is consider a traditional dress and it wear in the Asia continent traditionally.   Shalwar-qameez: Red shalwar-qameez is a traditional wedding dress, traditionally worn in South Asia. It is popular in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Muslim men and women wear Salwar […]

Best Pakistani Designer Bridal Wedding Dresses 2018

Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses

The girl belongs from any religion or custom she will do the same thing after her date fixing of marriage. The very thing is the selection of her wedding dress.  She will start finding the perfect and unique bridal dress. The bridal dress is the elegant dress up which she […]

Pakistani bridal wear collection by Bunto Kazmi

Bunto kazmi Bridal

Bunto Kazmi is one of the well-known bridal dress designers of Pakistani fashion industry. She has an elegant style of mania in its range of home Kazmi that is the cause of her dignity.   Currently, the fashion designer Bunto Kazmi started another elegant, highly developed and unique Bridal wear. […]

Plus Size Wedding Dress Designers

Plus size wedding dress designers: Super model, Liz Hurly when come in India to marry her long time boyfriend Indian businessman, Arun Nayyar she was looking resplendently revealing in her summer dress. Celebrities’ say that they wish to look their ‘best’ on their wedding day it means she should be […]