Nature means “Open Book”  is the only way to know about God’s blessings and his fear . We can be live peacefully by following the open book. I’m gonna describe the very  small part of nature in my poem.


Poem On Mehndi Designs



The beauty of nature


Open book’s guide line,


Making our life shinny ,


Red color of henna on bridal’s hand


Make her life charming,


Like shining stars


Like moon,


Smiling with the cloudy weather


Making the nature,


More beautiful


Groom’s name,


Engraved on the bride’s hand


Showing the life’s


Longness and




To see the color again and again


Indicating the,


Love of groom


With bride


One of the nature, henna with


The blessing of “GOD”


make the life




And may it will remain alive


Showing GOD’s love


With nature

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