Melissa Sweet is a wedding dress designer first successful combination capricious and elegance of each dress created. She was born in Kentucky and found her love of sewing at a very young age.


When other girls played with dolls or house of Melissa has been honing her skills in sewing clothes under the supervision of her grandmother. In the course outline of their clothes and often creates its own set of clothes fashion trends at your school.

Bridal Designer Gown


During the summer Melissa took some summer courses at the Parsons School of Design. Then Bauder College in Atlanta, and received a BA from the University. In 1996, Melissa opened her first store with a new mix of elegant and whimsical. Eye candy is for a classic sound modern and glamorous, apart from the competition.


This new vision began to take more attention to Georgia 22-28 new wife to bees. As their popularity, it began to make clothes to sell to shops marriage across the country national.

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Dresses by Melissa Sweet has created more buzz, she was able to present her work on the Today Show. Shortly after the show, she was contacted by a representative of the Priscilla of Boston, who wanted to buy her company. Being a business woman, she sold her company to them in 2005 was hired to take as design director, overseeing classic Pricilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet collection online. Today, Melissa Sweet collection is sold nationally at more than ten locations Pricilla and department stores like Saks Fifth Ave. Neiman Marcus and.


So what’s new for Melissa Sweet and her fabulous clothing designs? Well this season, it will incorporate its new line of more sheer fabrics such as silk and organza Garz. When layers are together create the effect of subtle movements in the flowers in bloom. This is a very elegant touch to the wedding dress. This figure combined with a white dress perfect liquid exudes pure sophistication.

Bridal Designer Gown
Bridal Designer Gown 2018

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