Plus size wedding dress designers: Super model, Liz Hurly when come in India to marry her long time boyfriend Indian businessman, Arun Nayyar she was looking resplendently revealing in her summer dress. Celebrities’ say that they wish to look their ‘best’ on their wedding day it means she should be thin, but not anymore.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Hollywood is tired of the ‘thin is in’ craze. ‘Big is beautiful’ is the latest fad. In show biz the pendulum keeps vacillating and now the ‘big girl’ is the toast of tinsel town.

Last year Milan fashion week featured a show for plus size bridal dress. It was a surprise to see many fashion designers taking interest in the plus size woman especially plus size bridal dresses.

Plus Size Bridal Dress

This is the era of celebration of curves and more bodylicious the better is what women are find for their plus size bridal dress. Now women do not shy away from strutting their stuff down the aisle and so there is a great demand for plus size bridal dresses in all the boutiques all over the world.

Today another fad with women is to get married after getting pregnant. The prominent tummy and butt is no cause to feel ashamed about but to show off proudly in a plus size bridal dress. Believe me nobody seems to mind the plump arms or the heaving bosom on top of the big tummy or her well rounded bottom, instead people are happy to see a shapely woman down the aisle and not an emaciated stick insect.

It is nice to see XL size as the beginning size for the plus size bridal dress. In the famous show American Idol featured only ‘big girls’ and they seem to have the biggest fan following.

Plus Size Bridal Dress
Plus Size Bridal Dress

What is good in this plus size bridal dresses is they are as well revealing and attracting to the eye. An international dress designer from Dallas who designs great plus size bridal dress has a hoarding in his store’ healthy body has a healthy mind’.

Plus size women generally would like to avoid strapless or spaghetti strap bridal dress. Sleeves, cap sleeves or three fourth sleeves are a good option. Ball room skirt can add to the overall roundness of the woman and make her look ethereal in her plus size bridal dress on the most important day of her life.

Be comfortable in the plus size bridal dress you choose. Not necessary that it should be a gown, it can even be a skirt and blouse for a court marriage. Necessarily make sure that you can walk and move with ease in your plus size bridal dress. A ‘V’ neckline accentuates your bust and makes the neck look longer. A plus size bridal dress is incomplete without the right shoes to go with it.

Wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life. So buy yourself a plus size bridal dress which not only fits you but flatters you too and make you radiant and glowing.

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