It is often seen around the world that women in Asia, including Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis wives, do lots of makeup on their wedding. The eyes are dramatic and the outline is generally high, followed by jewelry and heavy clothing. Asian women are the most popular brides in the world because of the heavy and expensive accessories that use during the ceremony.


Great base is an essential part of making wedding up. The Indian bride is very sleek, with the help of brushes and more makeup. The desired effect is obtained by mixing the contours on the cheeks and nose. Pakistani brides are much curved and much time is devoted to this task. It takes three to four hours a metamorphosis. With makeup, are other items such as jewelry are also used. The bride is incomplete without heavy jewelry, usually gold or diamonds.


The default color of Asian Bride is red, but mostly it is mixed with bronze, red and gold. The eyes are set using the eyes and eye shadows. Even false eyelashes used to give a more dramatic effect.


Asian brides like Japan, China and Korea, dress differently elsewhere in Asia. The women wear white dresses and men wear black tuxedos. East Asian brides are porcelain skin, so the colors typically applied to soft. Colors such as brown and shades of pink are the most successful of these types of skin. Japanese brides prefer dark red lipstick, which is said to be the traditional Japanese, but all in all, the trick is simple.


Today, makeup of brides are going expensive day by day just because of the growing trend of makeup. Cosmetics and accessories used for makeup are expensive. This is a special event and every bride wants to look her best. Something different is respected and there are endless possibilities that the bride can get an idea of any aspect of culture and mixing in her eyes.

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