Bridal Shower Favors

Looking for a fresh new collection of bridal shower favors? Do not worry, I will give you a list of options on behalf of beauty, which will surely be a hit in 2018 in these bridal showers.

Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal Shower Favors


Crystal Pink Teddy Bear Shower Favors:


These cute teddy bears yet elegant favors come in 2 “x 1 / 1″ the shape of a teddy bear crystal with many facets, with a black nose, sitting and holding a crystal heart in pink legs. These pants are ideal for a fascinating shower has a theme of pink or other blatant issue that many bridal showers often. These favors are packaged in a signature box which is decorated with white hearts and wrapped with an organza ribbon. A glass heart focus is set on top of the container with a label of pink heart-shaped. These Pink Crystal Teddy Bear shower favors are a great choice for a baby shower!


Small Hearts Wedding Party Bubble Tubes:


One of the best ideas for the end of the wedding shower is with these cute bubbles really nice. These tubes are specially designed for thin bubble hearts sweet, heart-shaped columns of the stem and handle whimsical touch. These bubble tubes up to 0.2 grams of mixture boils. These are available in two colors: pink and silver (white and sex). These are sold in packs, each blister pack of 48 tubes.


Stainless-Steel Chopsticks in Artistic Sleeve (Set of 12):


For the Asian-themed party, these favors stainless steel rod – both beautiful and practical – can make a great gift for each guest! A pair of these rods for the sleeve art is something that the family and friends enjoy long after the shower. Each pair of these rods is equipped with stainless steel accents, engraved circle near the tip. They come in a beautiful floral sleeve with a tie white grosgrain ribbon with a small white card. These bars are available for manga black, red, blue and purple. These would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner or shower, where the sushi is the main dish!


Cherry Blossom Scented Soap Favor:


These little soaps are able to develop a luxury gift for the bridesmaids and other guests of your bridal shower. Embossed cherry blossom, these soap favors, bridal shower can also be a symbol of friendship and goodwill. Every year, you can bring a touch of spring to your bridal shower this interesting Cherry Blossom scented soap favors. These come in round, natural colored soaps, which are surrounded by raffia. They are wrapped in an elegant box with a rich background of chocolate brown and cream top. The box is pink and light gray, cherry blossoms and a short line of the printed word. These beautiful choices shower favors can be purchased online. From your favorite store online, you will also find a wide range of bridal shower invitations, bridal shower decorations and bridal shower games to choose from, and unique favors and personalized favors.

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