Henna Tattoos: Henna is obtained from myrtle (mehndi plant). It is a very useful natural product. Applying henna on hands, arms, umbilical and feet in order to get different designs is known as Mehndi. The first Henna plant was found in North Africa; from there it is spread all around the world.

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In past the Henna paste was applied with matchsticks but presently henna is available in packet which is called cones and in various other forms, due to which it is easy to mold Henna in the form of different designs on hands, wrist or feet and any where else. Darkness of Henna color depends on upon the body temperature, there are also many other ways for making its color darker.

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Below I would like to introduce some common ways for making henna’s color darker:

  1. Don’t wash area of application early.

  2. When henna get dry, apply lemon juice on it.

  3. Let the henna off naturally, never wash it.

  4. Avoid working in water for 24 hour.


Now Henna becomes a part of woman’s life, especially during wedding and festivals. Pakistani weddings are considered incomplete without the Henna ceremony (mehndi Night). At this occasion all the friends, relatives and colleagues of bride gathers and make fun by singing different mehndi songs. There are many logics about dark color of Henna on bride’s hand. Some says that if the color is dark it means that Bride’s groom will love her lot or she will get polite and loving mother in law.

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Henna also has medicinal importance as well. It is an important antiseptic agent, recommended by agurvadic doctors. Especially rural citizens use henna for treatment of head rashes and as a body cooling agent in summer season. It is also consider good for blood pressure.

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Main exporters of henna are Pakistan, India, Morocco, Egypt & Iran. Huge quantity of henna is sold in local markets and a small quantity is trade at international level. Pakistan would like to increase its production about 20 % in order to fulfilling increasing demand of henna for foreign countries like U.K, United States & Turkey. United Kingdom.  5 metric tones henna use for cosmetics, hair dyes and for decorating animal skin.


Now the henna is become a business, many people earn a reasonable amount of money by henna. Henna experts charge a handsome amount of money while making different henna designs on the hands, wrist and feet etc. Henna designing is trend increase during wedding nights and on other festivals like Eid.

Henna fade out from the body within a weak and you can make a new henna design as you wish, it is the main advantage of henna. It is a painless and inexpensive way for making henna tattoos.


This is not more then enough about the history of henna; henna always has its own distinctive status.

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