Bridal Shower Games

In once wedding checklist is very important. So, you can organize some Bridal Shower Games, believe me there are numerous Bridal Shower Games that you can play. All games are played for fun with the bride just to make your day memorable before the wedding. Some games are funny, some are stupid, but every game has its own amusement. An interesting game is a contest in which the bride was asked some questions about her future husband as his favorite food, favorite songs and so on. For this game some person will visit to the groom and asked that questions so they can match the answers. Normally, if the bride gives the correct answer more than half of the questions, then she will receive a gift. As she really deserve for this.


The wedding shower idea, perhaps the game is the most preferred toilet paper wedding gown. In this game, the teams must have at least two or at most five people from each team. The core team is dressing gown made of toilet paper as you can with the hat accessories, jewelry, gloves, etc. of a member of the team will be decorated with all this within a maximum of 5 minutes. Expected bride will judge that who has done an excellent job and prices will be given as per the positions. Gifts add more excitement in the game.


Another game which is really silly and ridiculous that to ask the bride to pretend as if she is on their honeymoon and is preparing for the wedding night and suddenly had a power outage. She needs to dress in the dark. Blindfolded and offer her bag full of different accessories. The bride has to do it all by her herself without by one’s help. Bride is provided by the oven gloves, flannel, nightgowns, huge sunglasses to make the game more interesting. Two minutes are given to her for dress up. Someone must be prepared with a camera to record the incident of that funny moment.


The next game is a clean version of the popular Bridal Shower Games, which deals with demolition. For the 30 minutes all the wedding guests have to stay alone. Every guest has a pen and paper. You must write everything that you can remember about the bride’s dress, hair, etc. As the color of her shirt, the type of shoes she wore, no. of rings, jewels and color, etc.  These all games make the event more memorable

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