Bridal makeup for walima

Bridal Makeup for Walima: Bridal makeup is usually known and recognized from the ancient time. At the wedding the every bride wants to look  more attractive than others. As each guest and the director has a deep eye on the bride. Currently, cautious and vigilant Wedding necessary.


If you have to visit a beauty salon for make-up than to get a trial make-up before the weeding day.


This practice will help you, what type of make-up will suits on you.


If you are applying your own make then you would have to choose the right style, which makes a more attractive. This from the experts will be built and the confidence to no artist. This is very bad, if you make a practice of different types of make-up on your weeding day.

Bridal makeup for walima
Bridal makeup for walima


If the weeding  color scheme does not match your makeup, than decided to use alternative and up depending on your behalf to look. Although makeup is always ensures that it will look natural and at all stages of the product mix deliberately, because one product is dependent others.


Make the foundation through the use of high-quality cosmetics. It will provide more and lasting use. There is also great need to apply the lipstick is often a whole day. Keep in mind that if you have dark eye makeup then always use light colored lipstick.


Roll of tissue is very necessary for weeding day, if you have traction tears and keep your make-up atmosphere. Apply make-up 1 hour before the ceremony, weeding and take food 3:57 pm to weeding, because it is easy to chew food and acts positively for the future. This will secure you bridal makeup.

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