On the wedding Dulha and dulhan is the center of attraction for the day. Every one is looking at the dulhan and dulha. Especially dulhan wants to look perfect on this special day. Makeup plays an important role in complimenting her features, gown and accessories, it is important to look the best on this special day. Girls normally take the services of professional makeup artist to ensure that their makeup look fantastic. Today there are many beauty saloons are available in all countries to provide all kinds of bridal services.

Indian Bridal Makeup


Below is the list in which you can find tips how to have a makeover on your wedding day, if you are doing it yourself:


* Remember that the makeup that a dulhan do should be good for flash photography, too. Dulhan can stick with foundations that have a yellow undertone, as these will create a warm healthy appearance in the photographs that are taken during the wedding and reception.

* Dulhan should apply bronzing bronzing powder with a natural bristle brush, lightly applying color to areas of the face that the sun naturally warms. Dulhan’s forehead, the high curve of your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose are the best places, but if you’re naturally pale you might want to apply a very light dusting over your neck and chest for a more even tone.

* Dulhan’s eye makeup should be compliment her natural coloring on your wedding day – try to stay away from unnatural colors like purple and blue, and stay closer to warm tan, orange, and pink colors.


It would be better if the bride should avail the services of makeup artist to transform our bridal beauty into something amazing. You can find expert beauticians in your areas as well. Moreover, many cosmetic companies now offer bridal consultations for free, and they will show you really great techniques and insider tricks.

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