Bare Basic Mineral makeup bare mineral Foundation SPF 15, which is a unique mineral-based formula. Bare minerals makeup as a powder, feels smooth and silky as moisturizer. This makeup will give you enough protection to block out ultraviolet rays from the sun. This will give you a natural looking skin.


Bare Mineral Makeup core of pure finely ground minerals. 100% free from preservatives and artificial coloring fragrance. Materials used for bare mineral foundation natural ingredients derived from nature and do not use any chemicals at all, which usually can be found on other brands of cosmetics. Chemicals that can cause skin rashes and acne, such as sulfates, petrochemicals and phthalates were found in the bare minerals.


Bare Basic bare Mineral powder no way to apply with a sponge, but using a brush. Benefits of basic Bare Makeup Foundation bare Mineral Size: 0.3 oz fragrance and dye free, it is natural and safe to use, 15 match colors with UV protection of SPF 15 or preservatives. Lightly or heavily make-up you can get through the Fund’s needed most. If we apply this makeup on the face so your skin will be easy to breathe, and you really think your makeup during the day light.

Classic Bridal Makeup


Here is the testimony from someone who was using them. “This foundation makes your skin look airbrushed. I have flaky skin around my chin, so it is often difficult to find a foundation that will hide this type of defect. It did not hide it completely, it nevertheless make it much easier to remove the flakes with tweezers. “Malo” He feels better on my face all day. I went back to other funds prior to and just returned to the bare minerals. There really is nothing like that.


Bare Minerals makeup is well known for good quality and very affordable price. This is a long-term investment for your skin health. At the moment, a little mineral makeup solution for those who want a natural makeup is actually protected from the many existing products, which make up the competition and cosmetics are more numerous and complex.

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